About Us

About Us

AZ West Endoscopy (AZWE) is a state-of-the-art facility in every respect. This new free-standing endoscopic ambulatory surgery facility was developed by a four-physician coalition – Hector Rodriguez, MD; Patrick Lam, DO; Mansur Khan, MD; and Kandarp Patel, DO.

We developed this beautiful new facility to help us meet the changing needs of our patients. AZWE is strategically designed and located for the convenience and comfort of our patients. To help us meet and exceed our goals, we teamed up with Physicians Endoscopy (PE), one of the nation’s premier developers and managers of endoscopic ambulatory surgery centers. We chose PE because we wanted to ensure that AZWE would be among the best facilities of its kind anywhere in this area.

AZWE is a three-room, free-standing endoscopic ambulatory facility. The center, located in Phoenix, AZ was licensed by the state of Arizona on November 8, 2011 and subsequently certified by Medicare and accredited by the Joint Commission. It is a state-of-the-art facility in every respect, Matthew A. Willden (Administrator) and Dr. Hector Rodriguez (Medical Director) comprise the leadership team for this facility.

The patient experience is paramount to the physicians, hence the center was designed to maximize patient comfort and convenience while providing an efficient and physician-friendly work environment. That vision has extended to the staff at AZWE, which is dedicated to providing the highest quality endoscopic services in a comfortable atmosphere. From the moment you walk into the center, it is everyone’s intention that every aspect of the patient’s experience is comfortable.

AZWE’s goals for the future include continuing to pursue activities that contribute to a solid business model while ensuring they maintain the highest quality of care for
their patients.

AZ West Endoscopy Facility